Spain Update #3 June 30, 2010

Day two of camp went great!  Following much of the schedule of the first day, both the camp at the Hotel and the gym were successful.  The morning camp at the gym exploded with new kids as we went from about 8 yesterday to a total of 25 kids today!  They came with all different ability levels and we were able to divide the kids into groups based on those levels.  it gave more meaning to the station times as each group received instruction that was tailored to meet their needs.  Each of the kids who attended the camp enjoyed the day and ended the camp tired, but happy.  Lunch was great and followed the first camp just like yesterday.  Following lunch, we had another team time where one of the team members gave his testimony.  More time was spent talking about commitment and how what our commitment to Christ looks like.  Once back in the vans at the gym, we held camp again for the older kids.  Today, there were 24 kids, another improvement from what we had yesterday.  There were more of the younger kids in this age bracket and we were blessed with more new faces.  Knowing that Spain played Portugal in the World Cup at 7:30PM, we ended camp a little early so that the kids and parents could get home in time to see the game.  As you know, soccer is HUGE here in Europe and the Spaniards showed their pride today as Spanish flags flew all day long.  The local theater in Santa Ursula decided to show the game on the big screen for free.  With very little persuasion, the whole PTR crew gathered in the theater with the locals to experience this event.  What an incredible moment it was for us when Spain scored!  The entire theater erupted with cheers and horns!  The place went nuts and we found ourselves swept up in World Cup fever.  Portugal never scored and Spain won 1-0!  At the final buzzer, the whole place burst with excitement and we yelled and cheered and gave high-fives to who ever was near.  I have never in my life lost my voice over a soccer game…until now.  The evening concluded with another fantastic meal provided by the church.  We are so grateful for their hospitality and the way they take such good care of us.  God’s blessings were so evident today, we can’t mention them all.  Keep praying that He continues to work in us and that we are empty vessels for His purposes.  May the people of Tenerife come to know Him because of what He is doing here.

For the team,

Coach Brendan

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