Spain Update #6 July 2, 2010

Update #6
July 2, 2010
Friday.  One word says so much.  But today was different that most Fridays.  Today we said good bye.  Today we ended a mission.  Today we closed up shop.  Today was the last day of camps in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain.  Seeing 94 kids in the morning, 25 in the afternoon, it did a lot to strengthen our spirits.  It was a great week and we enjoyed our time with kids.  We made new connections and we strengthened old ones.  We worked well with the director of the basketball club and his assistant.  We got to do great things and opened the door a little further.  Exposure to the Gospel has increased because we have been here.  Following the afternoon camp, the men’s team played a game against another group of all-stars.  This group was similar to the last team that we played, but included more advanced players.  The PTR team did well and worked hard the whole game, the end of it giving way to a great steal in the last seconds to put the PTR team up by 5.  When the final horn blew, PTR earned another victory.  Following the game, the teams enjoyed a time of fellowship as players from both teams mingled and chatted.  Before we all left, a group picture was taken of all of the players and coaches.  Intermingled among the opposing team are the PTR players and coach.  This picture is a great visual representation of what PTR can do and the people that can be reached for the Lord.
After wrapping up the week, the missionaries took the whole PTR group to see a Canarian wrestling match.  A unique form of wresting, the match is held in a round sand pit where wrestlers work to be the first one to put his opponent into the sand.  It was fun to watch something different and see a unique part of the culture.  After the match, we headed back to get some much needed rest.

For the team,

Coach Brendan

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