Spain Update #7 June 28, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 7

Today began with the same “what” but a different “where”.  Yes, the team ate breakfast and yes, the team met to pray before the day began.  What changed was the “where”.  Meeting a little bit earlier than normal, the team converged on a new café that recently opened, not far from the local church.  Remarkably larger than most café’s on the island, this one had plenty of space and served a variety of coffee and specialty teas, along with pastries, cakes, and tortes.  One of our team members brought a short devotional that challenged us to live our faith.  The challenge centered around where we place our hope.  Even though we could put our trust in a variety of things, the best place to put our hope is in Christ.

The clinic in the morning again rose in attendance with 55 kids.  Today’s sportsmanship thought challenged the kid to play with integrity in all aspects of the game.  Among the other things taught today was the game we call Hot Shot.  It was new to most of the kids and it was apparent that they enjoyed playing it.   We made sure that the kids were able to play 5 v 5 today and as usual, it was a favorite activity.

Lunch again and then another team time where the men and the women split and had their team times separately.  We talked about living with a purpose and how we are designed and formed for God’s family, in which we show love and experience life together.

The afternoon clinic also went well and the 65 kids who were present were challenged again to play hard, play well, and develop their skills.  As we give them the tools to work with, we are seeing them do more things better and that is a very rewarding experience. They also heard about the value of integrity, whether it’s on the court, at the playground, or in life in general.  Telling the truth even when it will give you a disadvantage is always the best way to increase your integrity, both on the basketball court and in life.

The men’s team played a game tonight against a club team from Puerto Cruz, a neighboring town and whose club we have partnered with in the past.  For the first half, things went well and the PTR was making their shots and playing well.  The second half changed all that as the team from Puerto Cruz began to connect on almost everything they threw at the basket.  Unfortunately, the men’s team didn’t have a victorious outcome to the game, but their work ethic and their love for their opponent sent a clear message that there is more to basketball than winning.

The last semifinal game in the 2012 EuroCup was played tonight with Italy taking on Germany.  With a two-goal deficit, Germany scored its first goal late in the game, but was unable to win the game, setting up the final match: Spain vs. Italy.  Just as our team here in Tenerife (Spain) will be glued to the game and cheering for Spain, the PTR team in Mestre (Italy) will also be found watching the game, cheering for Italy.  It may very well be the first time that two PTR teams will be rooting against each other.  🙂

Thanking God for another great day,

Coach Brendan

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