Spain Update #9 June 30, 2012

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 9

Today constituted a really fun time with the parents at the clinic in Santa Ursula. In the morning, we invited the parents to the gym to see some of the things that we have done throughout the week.  It was a great time of basketball and fun, connecting with the parents and building bridges of relationships for the church and ultimately for Christ.  We also provided a snack for all to enjoy.  It was a bittersweet time as we said good-bye to the kids we have gotten to know and enjoy working with but we needed to move on to what was next.

Following a quick lunch, we packed our backpacks and headed down the Chamorga trail to a lagoon where we were able to do some swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.  Walking on the black, volcanic sand was new for some people and they enjoyed the uniqueness of it all.  After the swimming was done, back up the back side of the mountain, climbing up the steep trail.  Although a glorious view of the wonders of Creation, it was strenuous 3.4 km hike back up to the starting point.

Right into the cars and then a quick stop at a sporting goods store (where else would athletes want to shop?) and off to a local restaurant unique to the Island.  Tucked up on the mountain side and surrounded by grapevines, some of which grow over the outside tables, the restaurant served a hearty meal to all.  Back down the mountain and right into bed.  A very long day, but one in which we saw God’s beautiful creation which caused one teammate to chuckle to himself as he thought of people who actually believe that the beauty of nature just happened to explode as if by mistake.

The power of God is evident in His creation alone.  Thanks be to God who gives us salvation through His Son.

For the Team,

Coach Brendan

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