Stadium of Light

Back in early December we began to plant grass on our new soccer field.  We had received some rains in the area and it seemed promising that rainy season had begun.  We did not yet have access to running water at the field, but we were told that we would be soon getting the needed approval to tie in to an existing raw water line.

After a few early rains however, we went long periods of time with hot and dry weather, putting much of the work we had already done in serious jeopardy.Our newly planted grass dried up and it was hard not to feel discouraged.  At that time then we put all planting on hold, wondering if our plans were not in line with His!

Finally towards the end of January it seemed as if the answers to our prayers had come as rains, regular and heavy began falling again.

In a part of the world where we experience 7-8 months of dryness, it feels extra special when the heavens shower its blessing of rain on us.  It brings life in so many ways.
One can’t help but be moved to tears of joy because so many of our neighbors and friends depend on these rains for their food and livelihood, including many of the families from which the children we work with come from.  Seeing the grass on our field start to sprout new beginnings(as wonderful as it is) pales in comparison to seeing people’s maize crops come back to life, while we also watch the local dams fill with much needed water.

We thank the Lord for hearing the cries for rain to quench the thirsty land.  These good rains mean there will likely not be famine this year in our area.  Less importantly, the rains have also allowed us to resume planting grass at our soccer field.  It has even brought grass back to life that we thought had died in the dry heat.

Often in life we think it is too late and that like this grass, we are beyond saving.  We think we don’t deserve His grace and mercy to rain on us. But that is not the TRUTH. This rainy season reminds us as Push The Rock Zambia, that we as a sports ministry have a crucial responsibility to share the message and love of Jesus Christ in all we do.  It is our prayer that every time we take to this new soccer field for whatever reason, that we remember THE truth. That we remember his love, his mercy, his provision, and share it with joy and passion to those we are surrounded by.  In Matthew 5 Jesus tells us that we “are the light of the world” and that as believers we need to let our “light shine before men” so that others can come to know Him.

Appropriately, we think, our new soccer field will be named the    Stadium of Light.


planting 2
Planting individual stalks of grass.

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