Tenerife Day 10 – June 30, 2013 Monday

We started off another week today.  Back at our home base, the town of Santa Ursula, we kicked off the day with breakfast in our homes and then meeting at our prayer point to start the day in prayer.  We heard again from Nathan as he shared from scripture to get us going and thinking about the things from above.  Then praying in groups of 2 or 3, we brought our needs before the Lord and thanked Him for all that He is doing for us and with us.  This prayer point was selected for its scenic overlook as well as its location near the satellite camp we will run this week (photo below).  With a connection from the church and a desire to have basketball instruction in their summer camp program, PTR was invited to be apart of their summer camp program.  Since we are still operating our main camp in Santa Ursula, we sent a smaller contingent of our group to a nearby town, La Oratava, to conduct the 1.5 hours satellite mini-clinic for the basketball club there.  Things went very smooth at that camp as they even had helpers from the basketball club who assisted in the running of the camp.  Meanwhile, back in Santa Ursula, the clinic also began.  With 67 kids in the camp, a large portion of them 8 years old or younger, we began as we typically do the camps.  As time came for the Santa Ursula camp to need more helpers, the calvary arrived from the La Oratava clinic.  With our forces combined, we pressed on to finish strong and end well.  Lunch was held again back at the church and was another fantastic meal.  Team time followed next and we spent time in praise and worship in song.  We found songs that both the Spanish speakers knew in Spanish as well as the ones we know in English, making it a very special time for us all.  We heard the testimony from Sheri, fellow Team missionary, who is serving on the peninsula and preparing to have a PTR/Cedar Crest Bible Fellow Church team come over to Madrid for a week of basketball outreach, much like what is happening here in Tenerife.  It was back to La Victoria for another clinic and with 45 kids we worked on all aspects of the game.  There were a good deal of kid who we have seen from previous years and it was great to be with them again.  After the clinic, the PTR women played against our host club, La Victoria.  Down by 5 at the end of the third quarter, the PTR women managed to get within 2 and with 3.44 seconds left, Christy was fouled in the act of shooting.  She hit both of her foul shots to tie the game and sent it into overtime.  At the end of the overtime, the score was still tied!  Playing a second overtime, the PTR ladies held on as long as they could but lost the thriller, 63-59.  Another hard fought game against some of the kids who come to the camp, the PTR women displayed great character in the loss.  Heading back to Santa Ursula, the PTR men played a local Santa Ursula team.  Off to a rough start, the PTR men found themselves struggling in the first 5 minutes of the game.  But, little by little they caught up and then pulled ahead.  The lead would get shallow again in the second half, but as the Santa Ursula team became tired, the PTR team’s lead grew to the final score of 64-77.  Although it was a good victory in all levels, two players were injured in the game.  Both Keegan and a member of the Santa Ursula church, Amasay, sustained ankle injuries and hobbled off the court.  Lord willing, they will be healed quickly for another game tomorrow.  Following the game, it was back to the church for supper and to our guest homes for the night.  Another long day but another good day in the service of the King.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

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