Tenerife Day 12 – July 3, 2013 Wednesday

Fortunate again to be serving the Lord, we started another day.  God has been good and gracious to us, allowing us to be used by Him in the lives around us.  From church members, to kids at the clinics, to our own team members, we have been involved in a plethora of opportunities where we have provided some level of encouragement and support.  When traveling to be a part of a trip such as this, it’s common to anticipate involvement in the lives of the kids at the clinic.  However, as we are incorporated in the lives of our fellow teammates and become invested in the mission of the church, our ministry involvement goes beyond the clinics.  It seeps into the relationships we have with our teammates.  It grows in the hearts of fellow Christ followers.  It be comes more than what it has previously been observed and understood to be.  Living the Christian life consisting of ministry moves us into the forefront of the lives of others and as we allow the message of Christ to penetrate our hearts, we are thrust forward into the incredible motion of God’s ever evolving plan for the lives of people He so dearly loves.  We have experienced this culmination over the past 1.5 weeks and are now reaping the fruits of our labor.  The day flowed much as it has done this week; the schedule has not changed.  However, we are being changed and I can see us becoming transformed more into the image of Christ.  Many kids are attending the Santa Ursula camp.  The kids at the Oratava camp are excited and engaged.  The numbers at the La Victoria camp have dropped a bit today.  Still with those that are present we are able to connect with them and share the love of Christ with them as we do all to the glory of God.  At Team Time today, one of the youth from the church, Eli, shared his testimony.  Powerful and moving, this young man shared the greatness of God in his life.  Following the conclusion of the game, we ahead to nearby La Oratava to play them in a men’s and women’s double header.  Each game was very exciting watch as the PTR boys game from a small deficit to win the game at half time with a half-court 3 point buzzer beater.  A wild shot from near half court, the ball hit the backboard and went in to score the wining points for PTR.  Excited and elated, the team celebrated this great victory with the final score of 73-72.  The girls game followed and the PTR team found themselves behind for all but the first four minutes of the game.  Challenged to play their best and having to play just 5 players for most of the game, the girls found a way to get come back from being down by 12.  Working for every basket, the scoreboard showed the PTR girls down by three with less than 3 seconds to go.  As the clock ticked down to 0:00, Christy got a shot off that beat the buzzer that went in, tying the game and sending it into overtime!  For the next 5 minutes, they played their best but could not put the ball in the basket enough and lost the game by a score of 57-58.  Both games provided great opportunities to demonstrate character, integrity, a love for the opponent, and other Biblical principles with living out in our lives.  Tired and emotionally drained, the PTR teams ended the night with supper in our homes.  Not long after the last bite was eaten, did the team drift off to another night’s sleep.

For the team,
Coach Brendan

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