Tenerife Day 2. June 23, 2013 Sunday

Another day begins, this one with the blessing of attending the worship service at the church in the area.  A Venezuelan family who is connected to our host church in the north, has become missionaries in order to help this small body of believers.  This church is also partnering with us and our host church this first week of the trip.  We were able to hear God’s word preached in Spanish and then translated into English, allowing us to follow along with the message.  Following the church service, we participated in the Bible Study (much like a Sunday School class).  At the conclusion of our time at church, we returned to location where we are staying for lunch and a quick debrief.  Following lunch, we loaded up into the vehicles and headed to a gym to prepare for the week’s clinics and games.  With 20+ people prepared to help in various ways, our crew is large, capable and diverse.  Americans, Venezuelans, Spaniards, and Canarians have all come together in the name of our Lord to share the Gospel through sports.  All are excited about this opportunity and to work together for the common goal.  One Canarians have come to have a personal relationship with Christ since we last were here and, along with his new wife, are believers with an insatiable desire to learn more about the Lord and grow in him.  Wrapping up in the gym, we gathered our things, headed back to home base for another fantastic meal, with fresh fruits of papaya, watermelon, and honeydew all part of the dinner’s selections.  Topping off the evening was a quick trip down to the local beach to walk along taking in the sights of the ocean on one side and the shops and restaurants on the other.  As the temperature dropped from a comfortable 79° to a cooling 70°, the team enjoyed the time together, building unity among the members and memories that will carry them through the trip and beyond.  Gelato was had and enjoyed by all, putting a sweet ending on another fantastic day.  With tomorrow beginning the clinics, final preparations have been made and all are prepared to begin what we came here to do.

For the team,
Coach Brendan


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