Tenerife Day 8 – June 29, 2013 Saturday

Packing it all up was how we ended things last night and that’s how we started this morning.  All the kitchen supplies, food, clothing, etc that we have been using and wearing this past week all had to get put together and loaded in our cars.  With everyone working together, we had eaten breakfast and loaded our 6 cars and a cargo van by 10:00AM.  Not bad for all that we had!  From there, the cars headed to a town a little further south (and west) for our Kayaking adventure.  25 of us set off on the sea as we loaded up single and double sea faring kayaks.  Following our guide, we left the dock and headed out to sea, staying near the coastline of the Island.  Towering approximately 15,000 feet up, we paddled along side huge cliffs on one side and the vast open sea on one side.  About 1.5 hours into our journey, we stopped to hop into the crystal clear water for a swim in the ocean.  With masks and snorkeling gear, we were able to see the many fish that swim in the ocean beneath us.  Most of them were small, but the sight was breathtaking.  With the temperature close to 94°F, the sun was hot and the water was cool, and having SPF 30 and 50 on our skin, we enjoyed the time in the water or just resting in the boats.  We paddled the rest of the way back through the ocean, over the waves that made our kayaks rock, and back to the dock from which we had launched.  Once on dry land, we found a place to eat our pic-nic lunch and then headed up North to our new homes for the next week and to the town of our host church.  We were able to enjoy a brief shower in our new lodging and then headed off for a fantastic meal at our favorite guachinche.  From rabbit to pork to chicken, we were served a wonderful meal that included a variety of salads, bread with a nice red dipping sauce, olives and goat cheese, and hot chic peas in a stew-like sauce.  Enjoying the company of our hosts, we lingered at the table, soaking in God’s goodness to us all and fellowshipping with believers from different backgrounds and with different first languages.  The team continues to bond as we get to know each other better and work hard alongside of each other.  Before we knew it, it was time to leave and head back to our new homes.  With tomorrow being the Lord’s Day, we need to get some rest for the service.  God has continued to show us great grace and mercy as He has helped our team members with small health issues.  We have seen some trials come our way but God has been great and our needs have been met by Him.  We are learning more of His saving grace each day and we are blessed to be called His children.  We continue to love Him more each day as we learn more about Him and serve Him for His glory.

For the team,

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