Tenerife, Spain June 28, 2015 | Day 10

Day 10, Sunday, June 28

Today started with another community breakfast all together at the church.  It was another great meal as we are all able to enjoy good and time together.  Following breakfast, we had the awesome privilege of attending the worship service at the Santa Ursula church.  Two of our own gave their testimonies and shared how they came to be followers of Christ and what He is doing in their lives now.  We were blessed to have the opportunity to partake in communion as well.  The American missionary who has been facilitating our experience here on the island gave a message on hope from 1 Peter.  Also a highlight of the service was the praise and worship time.  Most of the songs song were not familiar to the Americans, however, the spirit of worship was so strong, they engaged with little difficulty.  A blessing to worship with fellow believers, the language barrier seemed to disappear during this part of the service.  God was truly worshipped this morning.  At the conclusion of the service, we enjoyed another wonderful meal at the church, followed by a few hours of much needed rest back at our host homes.  At the trip takes its toll on our bodies, the opportunity to have a little down time was much appreciated.  The team then met back at the church for discussion on the upcoming clinics at the new two locations.  Although in Santa Ursula, the gym we will be using is different that the one we had been using the past three years.  With the gym having one court and thus only two main baskets, two portable ones will be brought in to give a total of four.  This is a little different from all of the other gyms we have been using so it will just take a few minor adjustments in how the clinic is set up.  Dinner was served at the church and then we all loaded up into our cars for a trip to a local tourist town on the coast, Puerto de la Cruz, for ice cream and sight seeing.  Always a great place to walk around and see the sights, Puerto de la Cruz is a nice place to visit.  Upon returning to Santa Ursula, the team made their way back to their host homes for a good night’s rest, eager to start the new week.

For the team,

Coach Brendan

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