Tenerife, Spain June 23, 2015 | Day 5

With the second day in the books, we look back and are so grateful to see all that God has allowed us to do.  From the clinics in the morning and afternoon, to the team time and the game in the evening, the team has been used by God to be a part of great things.  With another great breakfast (homemade pancakes with home made syrup and sausage links) the team set off to the Galeon gym for the morning clinic.  With 49 kids in the clinic and not having to send team members to another gym, the full team was able to guide the kids through a variety of skills.  With so many helpers and coaches, the team was able to give more personalized instruction to the kids and overall, they had a great time, especially enjoying the scrimmages played at the end of the clinic.  At one point during the clinic, one kid fell down and three others ran to help them up!  Even though a basket was scored, it was exciting to see the kids putting into practice good sportsmanship.  A parent who was there to watch his child talked with us and gave us a great opportunity to share with him why the team is here in Tenerife and why free clinics are held.  He made it a point to tell us that it was very meaningful that the clinics are free, since all of the other good ones in the area are expensive.  This conversation also allowed us to talk about the church plant starting in the town we are now in, Adeje.  Seeds have been planted and it is only day 2 of the clinics!  The team has been very blessed by this story as well as others, clearly showing the hand of God in PTR’s work on the island.  Lunch was delicious as usual and allowed the team to refuel while pleasing the tastebuds.  Team time proved again to be very valuable as the whole group sang songs of praise and worship and two Americans and one Venezuelan young man all shared their testimonies.  Living examples of a living God living inside of humans, these stories were filled with grace, mercy, kindness, love, repentance, and surrender.  Encouragement filled the room as stories of the greatness of God were told and humans’ lives have been changed.  The afternoon clinic brought an inundation of kids, due to a partnership with a local summer camp organization.  104 kids filled the gym and all 8 baskets (plus some extra spaces) were used to bring effective athletic instruction to the kids.  Working hard with each group, the coaches shared much of themselves including high fives, smiles, and hugs.  Once the clinic came to a close, the team was given a snack as they rested outside the gym on the lawn in the fresh air.  8:00PM brought game time for the guys’ team.  Playing against the home town team, Adeje, the PTR team played well and worked hard.  The Adeje team was a very well oiled machine, having played together for many months.  The PTR team received reinforcements from the church plant PTR is working with and began the game competitively.  However, over the next 3 quarters, Adeje slowly pulled away and won the game by close to 20 points.  Many ministry opportunities were presented during the game and through them, PTR had the chance to do what they came to Tenerife to do.  Disappointed at the loss on the score board, they were otherwise encouraged by what God has been doing so far.  Excited about what still lies ahead, the team heads off to bed to enjoy the fellowship of each other and (hopefully) a good night’s rest.

For the team,

Coach Brenda

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