Zambia Disc Golf Trip Update – 1.28.19

Lack of internet and an abundance of things to do have kept us from writing another update, so we will do our best to recap the past couple days.  Make sure to check out the Eagles Wings Disc Golf Facebook and Instagram accounts for pictures, videos, and more updates.

Friday we finished up a few last minute projects on the course and had a more laid back morning where people could play.  We also had players join us from Chicago, England, and Mozambique who arrived for the tournament.  The feedback on the course was all positive, and it was a great feeling as a team to see the excitement about the new holes that had been installed.

In the afternoon we met as a team with the PTR Zambia staff to prepare for the kid’s tournament planned for the normal after school hours.  When we left the office we were greeted by about 15 kids who had arrived early in anticipation of the event.  One of our team members shared part of his story with the kids to kick us off, and by the time we started, we had more than 40 kids.  40 soon turned into close to 50 as the event went on.  Elem, the lead local staff member, took the lead on the organization and communication, and it went really well!  All of us were impressed by the shots and scores we witnessed, and after the tournament, we gathered to award some very excited boys and girls their prizes.  We also let 14 of the young boys know they qualified for the Zambia Open on Saturday!

After wrapping up we had dinner and prepared for the first ever glow tournament in Zambia, and maybe even all of Africa.  One of the team members took the initiative to sanction the event with the PDGA which added to the fun.  31 people came out for the night, and we paired up team members and people who traveled for the event with local players to form teams.  We just played 9 holes, but it was a blast.  The stars were incredible, and the discs looked like shooting stars flying through the sky.  Music was playing, and people were yelling throughout the night.  It was a great way to prepare for Saturday, and we have heard that there are already plans in the works for another glow round next week!

Saturday was an incredible day.  The team got up early to prepare for the tournament which was a great group effort between the team, the PTR Zambia staff, and members of the community.  We had 52 players come out, and the day could not have gone better.  We had 6 countries represented amongst the players, and many community members came out to volunteer.  A few of the highlights from the day included a 1000 rated round, an ace (hole in one), and one of the young boys finishing with one of the best scores of the day.

Here is what one of the members of the community had to say about the day:

Thank you to everyone from Eagles Wings Disc Golf who put their hearts, hands, and pocketbooks to work to make a difference in so many children’s (and adults) lives here in Macha!  The two tournaments and the on-going interaction with the children were amazing and priceless!”

As a team, it was so rewarding to be part of the day after a week of working very hard side by side with the local crew.  While we were all sad to leave after the event, it is exciting to know that there is genuine excitement from many about the course and the sport, and we know that some great ministry will be taking place on those holes.  We are also thankful that we get to leave our intern, Esther, in Macha for the next 3 months to help Elem and his staff offer even more unique and fun opportunities for the community to gather.


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