Zambia Trip Update #12 July 31, 2013

And thus ends our time in Macha…

What an amazing time we’ve had in this community, from clinics to games to service projects.  Every step of the way we’ve been blessed by our brothers and sisters here joining us along the way, and for that we are grateful. Of course, that does make saying goodbye a bit more difficult.  Well worth it though!

Today we were able to spend all morning working around the PTR Zambia house which will be occupied in only 3 weeks by the family that will be moving to Macha to begin working here under PTR.  Since it is a construction site, for one thing there was plenty of trash to pick up.  A few of us worked on that little operation while others, with the great direction of our Zambian ‘boss’ for the day, helped moved big piles of soil to various low spots surrounding the house.  The goal was to  fill in these areas not only so it looks better, but so that when the rains come later in the year, water will run off better.  We had split into two crews for the dirt moving, which worked out well.  One person shoveling, the other person using the wheelbarrow.  After a couple hours, we were told we had done enough.   We were graciously then rewarded with tea time, the standard mid morning break around here.

After break, it was back to work! This time we had lots of bricks to move.  These bricks were all scattered to one side of the yard, leftover from the construction.  Because many of them were still useful, we had to relocate them some where and organized them neatly, not just thrown in big piles as they currently were.   The guys sorted and loaded bricks, and then using the wheelbarrows, took them to the girls.  The girls got creative and with the thousands of bricks, made a cute little ‘fort’ and entrance walkway for the little two year old girl that will soon be living at the house.  What  a creative little blessing that will be.

We were certainly all ready for lunch when that was done.  One of our hosts here at the research facility had invited our group, and some others, to her place for lunch.  Again the hospitality of the people here is humbling.  We all piled into her little house and were treated to quite a meal that certainly took her lots of time to prepare.  We have been so blessed by so many people in our time here.

With our time running out here, we made our last walk then up to the local girls secondary school.  There we enjoyed a fun game of soccer, followed by some exchanging of wristbands, conversations, and then prayer together.  Oh and of course we took a picture together too.  It was a great way to end our time in this community.

We rushed back to make it just in time for dinner.  What we were really excited about though was our little bonfire we had planned afterwards.  We invited a few of our Zambian friends to join us, and we told them we’d teach them all about s’mores.  So we sat around the fire, under the stars, and shared the tasty treats, while exchanging stories from our lives.  We also had our one Zambian brother share his testimony, which was also really special to here.

The theme of the night was how we’ve really bonded with people here, but especially these two men of God who set aside so much of their time to spend it with us.  We ended the night with prayer together, followed shortly thereafter by the hard part….goodbyes.  There were definitely tears shed on our side, and for our Zambian brothers, well, they said they had to say goodbye tonight, not tomorrow, because it’d just be too difficult.

We’ve been so encouraged and blessed by our time here, a lot because of the people.  It is clear that this place is special, and it’s exciting to know that there will be year round PTR work here starting so soon.  We are glad we got to be a part of it!

With that, this will be the last update from Macha!  We are not sure what our internet access will be like in the next few days.  Tomorrow morning we will head back to Livingstone, where we’ll see Victoria Falls and visit a game reserve, before heading to the airport Saturday morning.  If you don’t hear from us, it’s probably safe to assume all is well!  But we’ll try to get an update up.

Thank you again for all your prayers.  We have enjoyed our time here tremendously and are sad to be leaving.  But happy that we’ll see you all so soon.

Good night from Zambia!

The team

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