Zambia Trip Update #14 August 2, 2013

Our time in Zambia has come to a close.  We are enjoying our last evening together in the beautiful country and shortly will be heading to bed.

The day began as we got up before the sunrise to make it to the game park for a little safari in the cool of the morning.  We saw lots of different animals as there were plenty of impala, monkeys, baboons, and wart hogs to be seen, and we also got to see zebra, cape buffalo and giraffe, with a few other animals in there too. Though we were sad not to see the elephants, it was a great time together enjoying the natural, wild beauty of His creation.

It was then time for a trip to the souvenir market.  Let’s just say that this is an experience that really hones ones bartering skills, in that the first price vendors ask for is usually double or triple a ‘good’ price!  Anyway, the team enjoyed the challenge and interactions, as all the vendors are more than happy to get to know their customer before making any sales.  They also love to trade things as well, so many of us carried extra tee shirts, socks, or even pens and gum to help get a better deal.  At the end of the day all were fairly satisfied with their purchases that will serve as gifts for friends and supporters at home, but also serve as reminders to their time here.

Ready for our last supper together in Zambia

A final trip to the grocery store was also needed to load up on Zambian favorites like Cadbury chocolate, Roibos tea, and peanut butter!

As we will be off to the airport tomorrow morning, this will be the last update from Zambia.   We have been so blessed to have had this time together as a team, but also blessed to have had such amazing people here in Zambia join us along the way.  Thank you for all the love, prayers, and support.  We are sad to say goodbye, but thrilled to come home to the many people that made this whole trip possible for each of us.

See you soon!


The Team

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