Zambia Trip Update #4 July 16, 2012

Wow, what a day…and we are just getting started here!

The wake up call came at 6:30, but most, actually, all of us were awake already!  We had a breakfast of porridge and toast, and then we were off to the school, which is about a 30 minute walk from where we are staying.  We made good time and were greeted by a lot of smiling and excited children, as well as an amazing dance/song welcome that the teachers did for us.  Apparently its the traditional welcome in this culture, needless to say, we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is so much fun to have the opportunity to learn how people do things differently than us, and its such an encouragement to be welcomed with open arms.

We all introduced ourselves and explained that though we are here to teach some football(we don’t call it soccer here!), what is of higher importance to us is the love Christ has shown us in dying on the cross.  We will each have the opportunity to share our testimonies with the 100+ students this week, as we continue to build relationships with them as the week progresses.  We all meet together at 8am for chapel time, and that is where we will share, as well as challenge them with different sportsmanship concepts to put into practice.

We then work with 3 different groups of 40 or so students for the next 4  hours, starting with the youngest group first, then grades 2 and 3, ending with the oldest students in grades 4-7.  Day one was great, and we are excited to spend the next four days with them, challenging them with some training, but more importantly to live a life pleasing to Him.

At the end of camp, we walked home to enjoy the traditional food staple here, inshima, with several different relishes.  We also had rice for those who didn’t ‘enjoy’ the inshima.  All of the team did a great job of at least trying it!  We had some time to relax then, before heading for our first friendly match of our time here.  We played a team from the local nurses’ training center, and ended up losing 1-0 on an own goal.  The team did so well, it is so great to see a group of us 8, of all ages, joined by a few Zambian brothers, all play together as a unit.  It was a great effort for sure, and both teams gathered for prayer after the game, and agreed upon a rematch for next Monday!

The night ended with dinner, followed by Team Time, in which we are studying ‘Living a Life of Purpose.”  Romans 12 is a great chapter that summarizes well what the life of a true follower of Christ should look like.  After some discussion, one team member shared their testimony with the group, before all said good night in order to recover from the day, to prepare for another day tomorrow.

Our prayer is that each day we will overcome any tiredness or soreness in order to give 100% to the children we are working with, after all, that is the reason we are here!  Thanks for praying with us.

The team, loving life in Zambia

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