Zambia Trip Update #4 July 25, 2011

Mwabuka buti?!(good morning!)….and you say ‘kabotu!’

It was a nippy run to start today off for half the team.  Four of us adventured out in the cold, yes, cold(don’t feel bad for us though!)  for a nice 4 mile jog.  We could see our breath as we ran, and we watched the beautiful sun rise on the horizon.  It was great to get out and get some exercise, as we had been sitting a lot in the previous days.  We had no plans of a game today, so we figured it’d be a great day to do it.  It’s so quiet here, especially in the night and mornings, unless you consider a dog barking every so often noise…or the roosters in the local village crowing as the sun comes up.  Really it’s something you can only attempt to put in words, so you will just have to come here to experience it all for yourselves!

Today was our first day of soccer clinics in the community.  We had an 11-1 session at a local school where we will be going every day this week.  Needless to say, the children had been told we were coming and were very excited.  As we gathered up front as a team in their chapel, we got a lovely surprise!  The teachers, probably about 16 of them, formed two lines on either side of us, singing and dancing.  It was so fun…and then, much to our embarrassment we were pulled out to dance with them! It was hilarious and the kids loved it.  Imagine a room full of 106 kids watching their teachers and a bunch of strangers(who can’t really dance) carrying on up front.  It was the true cultural welcome and the staff were also singing the entire time.  It was such a great experience, though we were all glad we didn’t know we would be dancing, otherwise we all agreed we would have been nervous to be there 🙂

So the clinic went great, the team really stepped it up in their time with the children.  We love teaching soccer, but it’s always so much more special to see the team bonding with the children and teachers, laughing together, talking together, and sharing in so much joy. Each day this week we will be going back, we can’t wait to continue to build into their lives, and our ultimate hope is that in some way, they have seen Jesus in us, and will be encouraged in their walk of faith whatever it may be or even coming to accept Christ in their life for the first time!

We had safe bike ride home, clearly lessons were learned from the previous day!  We got back just in time for lunch, and then we sat down for a bit to relax.  We thought that later in the afternoon we’d be heading up to the  hospital to play some games with the nurses-in-training, but much to our surprise, we were playing a game!  Our first friendly match against all these fit, young men on the hospital field.  It was so cool.  By the end, many people had stopped their walks by to witness what was going on.  After about 80 minutes, the game ended 0-0, not for a lack of shots or chances.  They were much better than us, but we hung in there well.  The guys on the other team were so nice, and as we shook hands it was their smiles that meant the most.  We will be joining them for a rematch next week again!  Can’t wait..and this time there will be no morning run!

Another great meal prepared by our gracious hosts, and as I type, a rousing game of Dutch Blitz is going on in the room next door!  It’s so neat to see the team coming together, encouraging each other, and experiencing so many new things together.  We are blessed.   It has also been such an encouragement to be working very closely with the church here, they were more than prepared for our arrival. Tomorrow we have some key meetings to set up some other school visits, as well as a service project at the hospital!

Thanks so much for all prayers-we are loving being here and feel very supported by you all! If you have Facebook, we have put some pictures up at

Tuyobonana ijunza,(we will see you tomorrow)

The Team

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