Zambia Trip Update #5 July 17, 2012

The team is getting showered after a long day, so to make the most of the time, I figured I’d give you all a recap of the day!

Day 2 of camp was great.  The children now understand better what to expect from us, so that really helps things to run smoother.  Two of our coaches shared their testimonies this morning after their wonderful singing during the morning chapel time, which was followed by a challenge to them to play and live with passion.

The morning went pretty quickly as we enjoyed another cloudless morning in Macha.  During the games that the kids played, it was encouraging to see some better attitudes and teamwork among the teams, which of course makes us very happy!  One thing we have really emphasized is shaking hands with opponents, so we’ve had them line up at the end of each game to shake hands with their opponents.  Unlike in the US, this doesn’t happen much here, so its a fun challenge to give them!

Most of the team then rested after lunch before we walked to our next match of our time here.  We weren’t exactly sure where the field was, but we were told it was ‘just over there’.  Well, ‘just over there’ turned into a 45 minute walk, but it was worth it to walk through the bush and past villages to a field lines with lots of kids and spectators to take on a local team, the Macha Bulls.  We won the game, but what was special was at the end when all the kids stormed the field jumping on us like we had just won the biggest match of the year!  It is amazing how a little love given to children comes back in such a joyous way.  Our subs on the sidelines sang with them, danced with them, and just hung out with them, and that made PTR heroes to them, and it was a joy to see and be  a part of.

By the time the game ended, it was all but dark, so most of our walk back for supper was in the dark…on dirt paths…through the bush.  What else could you ask for!

The team is doing absolutely amazing.   Thanks for your continued prayers!  Tonight we are having one of our local friends here share his testimony with us for team time, and then we’ll all most likely be asleep before our heads hit the pillow!

Until tomorrow…

The team

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