Zambia Trip Update #6 July 25, 2013

Today was our last ‘normal’ day at the school we’ve been working at.  It’s kind of hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of the school week and actually the last day of the semester for children here.  This means our schedule will be slightly rearranged on Friday to accommodate, which made today the 4th and final day of the same approach to how our day would run.

So anyway,  after our prayer time with the teachers, we headed back to chapel with the students.  Today we thought it’d be fun to sing a song for the students and teachers, and after a little debate among the team, and a last minute practice session, we settled on “You are Holy/Prince of Peace.”  They seemed to really enjoy our little presentation, even if we did stumble over  a few verses!  It only seemed appropriate to try after all the singing they’ve been leading for us!

Two of our team members shared their testimonies, and it was really cool to see the emotion that was poured out in the process.  The students and teachers could see the power of the Spirit in the words that were shared, and it was special to be a part of it.  This is definitely a special group, and I for one am thankful to be a part of it!

Back on the soccer field, we did some fun games with the kinder children, and of course then included the teachers in the competition, which has become a big highlight for all of us this week.  It has been really neat to see the school staff become more and more involved not just this week, but especially over the last few years of PTR being here.  For the two older groups we continued teaching various soccer related skills, followed by our ‘competitive’ matches of the day.  It would be fair to say that by the close of today’s camp, we were all ready for some rest…and lunch!

Lunch turned out to be an amazing shepherd’s pie type dish which we all enjoyed greatly.  Following that we discussed Daniel and his faithfulness to the Lord despite being in multiple positions where he could have easily compromised his belief.  With a little time then before we had our next ‘event,’ most of the team decided a  nap would be just great!  It was nice to have an afternoon ‘off’ from  a friendly match, most of our bodies needed it anyway.

We ended the day in a special way.  We walked back out to the school we’ve been working at in order to join them for dinner and devotions.  This school is also a boarding school to 30+ children, so during the week, they sleep at the school as well.  It was these students we got to share a meal with, as well as some more time in song and in prayer.  We all enjoyed the time to just sit back and enjoy time together that didn’t revolve around teaching soccer!  The time offered us the chance to build some deeper relationships with these particular students, and these are the kind of special moments that often remain etched in our memories and hearts.

The Milky Way looked amazing on our walk back home, something we don’t see often, or ever really, back in the USA.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky…in fact I’m pretty sure we have not seen a cloud since getting here, day or night!  Another team member shared their testimony to end our day, and now its off to bed to rest up for a great end to the week.

Thanks for praying!

Eric for the Team

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