Zambia Update #12 August 3, 2011

Well folks, this is officially the latest night of our trip thus far!  Unless of course you count the overnight flight to get here on which most of us were awake watching movies.  It’s almost midnight as I type, which really isn’t so bad at all, especially because we can sleep in a bit tomorrow as we head to Livingstone for our last day and a half in this wonderful country.

Today was our last day here at Macha, and it was packed with action!  We started off by walking to a local primary school…where we had been one day last week.  They were more than excited to see us coming needless to say, and were full of tons of energy.  Incidentally it was their last day of classes for the term, so maybe that was part of it.  We spent about 2 hours there, seeing about 120 children.  Their English comprehension was not great, so lots of demonstrations for the soccer part!  Luckily there was a teacher helping us out so she could do some translating as well.

When that was over we walked back to our dorm, had lunch, and then headed to our 2nd clinic of the day.  This was a bit farther away, so we hopped in a truck to get us there.  This primary school was also ready for us upon our arrival!  The children had all been gathered and were sitting in a huge group just waiting for us!  After meeting briefly with the headmaster(who is a wonderful Christian man) we introduced ourselves and shared with them why we had come to spend time with them.  They listened very intently as we talked and as one of our players shared his testimony.

We started with supposedly about 80 children…which quickly turned into about 130!  Since there were only 8 of us, we had to divide them up a bit more.  Needless to say, it was great to see the team work together to make it happen.  The headmaster also was very gracious as he had organized a teacher to be with just about each of us to help us in making sure we were understood.  At the end of our session with them, spectators had gathered just to see what exactly was happening!  I’m sure it was quite a sight to see as us with our American attributes  at this soccer field in the middle of nowhere doing soccer clinics with all these children!  Praise the Lord though for the wonderful time we had there.

We loaded back up again, racing back to our dorm to quickly prepare for our last friendly match of our time here. We were on our way to the field where we thought we were playing, but we caught word of a match that was already going to be there, so we had to switch our game to a local school field.  It was actually the field of the school where we did camps all last week.  The game was fun as always.  We tied 1-1, which seemed to be  a fair result.  After the game we all huddled up  at the center and prayed together…a great ending to a busy day!

Dinner was potatoes, peas, and chicken!  Yum. I’m going to miss all the fresh food here.  Though I am not sure we will ALL miss the food here:)  We ended the evening with Team Time, where we spent some time “debriefing” regarding our time here in Zambia.  It was a great time of encouragement for each other, but also to spend some time praying together.  That pretty much ended the night, and now its time to sleep because tomorrow’s a new day!


Thanks for all your prayers!

The team

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