Zambia Update #3 July 23, 2014

Our third full day in Macha…where is the time going!

We spent the morning once again out at school doing soccer training and organizing games.  Today however, during chapel time before any soccer, two of our team members shared their testimonies with the children and teachers.  It is our prayer that their words were encouraging and even challenging to the many ears that listened.  What a joy for us to be able to share fun on the field together as well as to share how our lives have been impacted by Christ.

This afternoon then we walked up to the local all-girls high school to play some basketball with the girls’ team that the PTR Zambia intern has been working with.  We met one of the girls on the way to the court, and she quickly ran off and returned with her teammates.  After a game full of laughter and competition, it was hard to tell who won from a scoring perspective.  The reality is both teams came out winners because of the time spent together.  Not only that, following the game the PTR Zambia intern shared her testimony with the girls’ team.  After many pictures together, as well as plenty of singing and dancing, we walked home as the sun set.  Our intern shared with the group that her team said that was the most fun they have had this school term.

After showers and some Cajun chicken pasta, we continued to work through Philippians 1, learning from Paul life and ministry.  Our time together for the night ended with another team member’s testimony and then prayer challenge for us to ask the Lord to move a mountain for us in some way during our time here together.  It was a good reminder in that too often we forget to ask the Lord for such things.

Below is a brief summary of the time so far from one of our team members…as well as some pictures.  We are experiencing some internet difficulties, so if we are ‘silent’ at some point, that is why!  Thanks again for all your prayers.

“Beautiful: the red dirt roads, laughing children, friendly people, and most of all- smiling people everywhere.  Each and every day has been such an adventure where we’re constantly learning new things and meeting new people.  The difference between the people here and back home is astounding.  Growing deeper in friendships here has been such a refreshing blessing.  Receiving delicious, home-cooked food every day is so welcoming that our hosts make Zambia feel just like home.  PTR Zambia has laid such a firm foundation here in Macha that the people of Macha are so accepting to us foreigners.  They’ve been exceptionally patient with helping us learn new Tonga words- while mostly laughing at us.  Basically, we all never want to come home because of how much Zambia has already impacted us, and it’s only the fourth day.” 

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