Zambia Update #6 July 27, 2011

Another day winding down back here in the dorm, and it’s fair to say that I think we are all pretty tired!  It was another fun day though, that’s for sure.  We began the day of ministry out at the school again, where the teachers tell us that the children have been extra energetic this week because we are there. Getting the teachers involved with the skills part of our time there has been fun, we love to here them laughing as they show off their skills along with their students!

One thing we do with them each day, other than pray and share how Jesus has changed our lives, is present an aspect of sportsmanship that really relates to all areas of life.  Today in one of our games, one little boy stopped chasing the ball to help another little guy off the ground after he fell.  We could never get tired of seeing that!  Tomorrow we are really excited to not only be going for the clinic, but also we will be returning later in the day to join them and their 27 boarding students for dinner and devotions!

We biked back for lunch, well most of us anyway!  The rest got lucky and hitched a ride in the back of a pick up:)  We were expecting a hospital tour today, but after walking over and meeting the doctor that would give us the tour, we realized it was chapel time and that meant it wasn’t an ideal time for the tour.  So tomorrow it is!

At 16:00(4pm) as we call it here, we left to head to a “near-by” field to play another local team.  We had 3 of our Zambian brothers joining us for the walk and match, so that was fantastic.  They are great guys who have been helping us through out the week, plus with out them we wouldn’t have found the pitch.  Turns out the “near-by” field was about 3 miles away!  By the time we arrived on foot it was already about 5, so we didn’t have much time left until dark!  A bunch of guys came out of the nearby villages and we were able to play them for about 25 minutes before making the walk…well, run…home for dinner time!  Took some awesome sunset pictures on the way though!  It was a fun match, but really it is just the experience of it all…showing up to play, friendly young men coming out to join,and enjoying the time playing together on the dusty field as the African sun sets to the sound of laughing and shouting…oh, and retrieving the soccer ball after it hit pigs that were just beyond the end line!

So needless to say, the team got a good dose of exercise and enjoyed an awesome cultural experience!  Tomorrow will be a busy day so it’s time to say good night!

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