Zambia update…7.16.15

Another day in the books…

We were commenting today that only a week ago most of this group met each other for the first time…hard to believe because of the unity of this group.  Seems like we’ve known each other for much longer!

2015-07-16 10.46.41
The Clinic Crew – L to R: Arold, Morgan, Noel, Shannon, Thabani, Tabby, Jared, Amanda, Ben, Boyd


The first half of today was a carbon copy of yesterday.  Then after lunch we headed out to play our second friendly match, which we won with a three goal outburst in the second half, as the game ended 3-0.  It was extra fun because many of the children from the school we’ve been working at were there to watch and cheer us on.  Another opportunity for us to put things that we have been teaching(like good sportsmanship and loving others!) to practice.

A real treat of the day though, followed the game when we went to join the boarding students at the school for supper.  It was another ‘traditional’ meal of inshima, cabbage, and beans, which we ate with the 35 or so boarding students who we’ve gotten to know quite well this week.  Each of them partnered up with various team members to teach us how to eat inshima properly and also just to chat with as we sat around the fire.  Our night with them ended as they sang several praise and worship songs for us before they headed off to bed.  We will definitely miss all these children when our time here ends!

On the way home, we stopped to take in the majestic beauty of the stars here.  Lucky for us, there is a visitor in Macha who knows a TON about various stars and constellations.  With his powerful green laser he pointed out many different things to us…some of us still couldn’t see what he was describing(various shapes in the stars!), but it was enjoyable to see so many stars due to the sheer darkness here in the bush.  While there, most of us saw several ‘shooting stars’ as well, which is always great.  It brought words to life for us…”God of wonders beyond our galaxy…”  He is mighty indeed.

We heard another team member’s testimony and headed to bed after it…after showers of course.

Tomorrow is Friday already, where does the time go…


Team Zambia


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