Zambia Update #7- Annnnd we’re back! July 29, 2011

Sorry for the delay in updates…our internet was down, but we are back!  You know, its really quite a blessing we even have it. We got a bit spoiled the first several days with the solid connection-so if you don’t hear from us, just know all is going great. We are just out in the bush, and you take what you can get! We’ll try to briefly summarize the last couple days, which isn’t easy!


We got off to an early start and headed down to the local primary school.  We, as usual, had no idea what to expect!  It turned out that they sent us about 80 or 90 kids, wild with excitement to get the opportunity to play football.  So we quickly got organized and got the day underway.   Thankfully, a good friend stopped by to help us, so he became our translator as we shared with them the real reason we came to spend time with them.  They were such great listeners as we shared about God’s love, and as one of our team gave his testimony.

That clinic ended, we stopped in to thank the headmaster, and we headed back to the dorm for a quick turn around out to the school we’ve been working at this week.  The day went really well.  Its been such a blessing to be able to build relationships as the week has gone on, not just with the children, but also with the teachers.  God is great!

We rushed home for lunch and then we were off to the hospital for a tour of the place.  A missionary doctor gave us the tour, as well as a lot of history, which was really neat for us all to hear.  We spent a bit of extra time at the HIV/AIDS clinic as he shared about the clinic and the encouraging work going on there.  There is a lot going on at this rural hospital, we can certainly be praying for Macha and the work that is happening here.

Supper time was a real treat.   We were invited to come back out to the school we’ve been spending the week at to join them for dinner.  Though the school has 106 students, only about 27 are boarding students during the week, so we shared the evening with them…played kickball, ate dinner, some board games, and then closed the evening with devotions.  Before heading to bed they sang a song and I think for us all it was a touching moment.  To see them so passionate as they sang about God’s love was truly humbling and a blessing to be a part of.  The school is really doing great things, so its been so cool to be a part of it for this week.  Prayer time ended the night so we set off on foot for the 1.5 mile walk back in the starlit beauty of the clear African sky.


Closing day is always bittersweet when a week of camp comes to an end.  Today was no different.  We closed with a huge game we call “Castles” where all the kids play on the field at the same time, and of course the obligatory “kick all the balls at the coaches” as they run “the gauntlet.”  Always sure to be good time no matter what country you are playing in! But the real highlight was the closing time, where the gospel presentation is made.  Praise the Lord for the many children who stepped forward to pray further to receive Christ in their hearts.  The soccer is great, but its so amazing to see young people want to share in the family of God-and humbling to be a part of.  Thank you for all the prayers you’ve been praying! Saying goodbye isn’t easy, especially not when the children sing in chorus about seeing us again in Heaven, another joyous moment for all, but sad too, knowing most of us probably won’t see these dear ones again on this earth.

The afternoon meant chapel time with the nurse’s training school that is next to the hospital.  One thing that pretty much runs as a theme on this trip is that usually we really don’t know what to expect, and this was no different!  Turns out they were expecting us to pretty much run the time, which was a surprise to us! But hey, what can you do but roll with it.  We also found out they are expecting one of us to “preach” on Sunday evening at their service…we’re still arguing about who’s up for that job!  Just kidding, but seriously, your prayers would be appreciated!

Back at supper the ladies prepared us a traditional Zambian meal of inshima, chicken, and some cabbage, and then we spent Team Time with singing and prayer.  We are all clearly aware of the fact that we don’t sound nearly as good as our Zambian counterparts(who all have amazing voices!), but Psalm 96 pretty much sums it all up- it is not about the sound…just the hearts singing, and thank goodness for that!

We closed the night with a movie and headed to bed for another is coming tomorrow!  We will begin our painting service project at the hospital tomorrow, and we’ve been told it’s quite the endeavor, so we’re hoping we can rise to the challenge.  We’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!


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