Zambia Update #9 July 29, 2014

This morning many of the team continued their dedication to fitness by ‘enjoying’ some exercise.  Breakfast followed, and then the team headed outside to do some work around the PTR Zambia campus.  Tasks ranged from cleaning up trash to cleaning vines out of trees, to building a fire pit!  It was actually quite cool, cloudy, and windy today, which made for comfortable work conditions. By cool we’re talking low 70sJ

The fire pit completion was the highlight for us all.  We look forward to using it tomorrow to end our time here with some time sharing around a fire…and eating s’mores. The entire process however, left many hands with lots of blisters.  Good thing soccer players use their feet.  54

Before one more ‘training’ session with the boys here at the Push The Rock Zambia center we heard our last two team members share their testimonies, as well as another Team Time spent discussing Philippians, focusing on Chapter 4:1-9.

For the soccer training today, we did a lot of shooting drills which the boys thoroughly enjoyed.  We helped chase and feed balls, laughing and encouraging all the while.  It was a fun way to end our ‘official’ time with them.  We know we’ll see them tomorrow though, as they are always around and will be at our game.  We are blessed to have such wonderful support…everywhere we go we have an entourage!

We then took a short walk to climb a 90 foot(ish) water tower to get a good view of the area…and to see the sunset!  Despite the clouds, we were treated to a pretty sky as the sun sank to the horizon.  Again, another reminder of the beauty the Lord has blessed us with here on earth. 58

Back home for showers and supper, it was then time for a few more rounds of Dutch Blitz.  Some team members also chose to watch a movie…Frozen was the feature film.  Those of us playing cards sang along to the movie instead of watching it.  Either way, a lot of fun was had.  It has been another great day in Macha, it is hard to believe tomorrow will be our last full day here.  Sniff.

Our internet situation has been resolved, so we have posted pictures on the Push The Rock Facebook page, please check them out here!

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