Zambia Update #9 July 31, 2011

evening kickball match



dividing the group


One of the things we all agree on, is that our Zambian brothers and sisters know how to praise Jesus!  Wow, what a day of singing, dancing, clapping, and sharing time together learning from God’s word.

We all enjoyed a little extra sleep this morning, and then we went to the first of our 3 services for the day!  The message shared by the pastor focused on compassion for those around us. What do we have that we can give to others that are in need?  The service was also loaded with many acts of special music where people stand up front and share their gift of voice while they sing.  We were even treated to some drums by one group.  There is something special about standing with 600 people who are clapping, dancing,  and swaying as they sing to Jesus!

We left church and headed to a local village where we had been invited to a meal.  We enjoyed ibbwatu(Zambian drink) and then inshima, chicken, and an okra/peanut relish.  Inshima is the staple food of Zambia, and it is made from ground maize.   All the guys did their best to try everything given to them, and many of us were even able to eat  and drink everything.  I can’t even begin to explain what ibbwatu tastes like, but suffice to say that several team members did very well, and others could only manage a few sips!

We departed the village to join the local girls secondary school for their time of praise and worship.  We had been asked to have a song to sing…so we were ready to sing.  Again, the praise was awesome!  Their voices, energy, the clapping…drums…you can’t help but feel that God is there among them!  We sang “You are my all in all” for them in a round, which they graciously gave us a loud round of applause for.  I’m sure it was for the effort, and not the sound!  At the end of the service, they invited us to sing it again so they could join us, and they did, and then they asked us to sing another song- so we did a few verses of “Nothing but the Blood.”  It was a great time together with them for sure.

From their we headed ‘home’ for about 45 minutes, enjoyed a lovely supper, and then rushed off to our last service of the day.  We were joining the local nurses training school for their evening service.  We had been asked to prepare a song and some kind of ‘program,’ including a message shared by one of us!  Again, it was a great time of worship together.  Our team all introduced ourselves and said a bit about ourselves before singing “In Christ Alone” for them.  One of us shared a bit of his life in relation to the widow in II Kings 4-the little we have, when put in God’s hands, can achieve great, Godly, results.  The time closed in a challenge to our prayer life by the pastor and then we were ushered out to a greeting line so we could greet everyone that had come.

We finally returned home at about 9pm…or should I say 21:00 as it is known here.  We are winding down, relaxing, playing cards and looking forward to a return to painting at the hospital tomorrow.  We are also looking forward to a rematch versus the men’s team from the nurse’s school.  They told us tonight they are looking forward to it very much.  We really are too, it’s been great to be able to play and worship together with them!  I think that’s about it for today-check back tomorrow for another update…if we have the internet!

Thank you for praying for our team member who was sick, he is feeling much better.  We have another member that is not feeling the greatest though, so you can keep praying:)  Thanks so much, we are so grateful!