2023 Guatemala Helpers

Meet Valeria (12), Fatima (14), and Melany (15)! (pictured above) These girls have served regularly as Helpers with our Push The Rock Guatemala programs.

“In our Push the Rock program, we have three remarkable young girls. We selected them to be our Helpers because they had a higher level of maturity, and Andi and Shauna (Brubaker) had watched them grow over the years they spent attending the program. In addition, they’re also intelligent and more motivated than some of their classmates. They were obvious choices to “hire” to help with crowd control for our groups of younger kids. They proved to be reliable, hard workers. … I watched jaws dropping as some of the kids listened to these girls talk about the Bible and share some of the lessons they’ve learned.” 

– Diego Barr, Push The Rock Guatemala

Learn more about how these amazing young people helped in our ministry by serving as:

Linguists, helping with the language barrier between our missionaries in our San Antonio location and the children in the programs.

Teachers, taking on the on the role of a teacher for children who are not much younger than themselves. Their gift of teaching was apparent as they worked with the children on their English skills.

Role-models, showing the children what it looks like to grow in their faith. The girls shared stories from their own lives that related to the Bible time. They even shared their own devotionals.

We are so grateful for the work that God is doing in Guatemala and how He has raised up these girls for His service. They are helping us change lives, one life at a time.