Prison Ministry

More than 50,000 inmates live behind the razor fences and armored guard towers of Pennsylvania’s prison system. Every day, more than 2,500 are involved in violent fights and must be separated from the rest of the population for a time.

Push The Rock has hosted intense basketball games against teams of inmates. Push The Rock fields teams of volunteer coaches, players, and fans to help us take the rock to the basket and the Rock of Ages to the hearts of these men.

Our ministry inside Pennsylvania’s prison has three parts. First, we present the Gospel during halftime at the game. Instead of retreating to the locker rooms, the players take a water break and both players and spectators hear the presentation. Secondly, we build relationships with these men that allow us to become mentors. These ongoing relationships are vital for these men to grow, change, and never re-enter the system after parole. Thirdly, we play sweaty, competitive, physical basketball. These aren’t pick-up games on a playground. The inmates look forward to these games and prepare with passion and spirit.

Will you join us in some capacity? Click here to get more information about playing, coaching, or cheering from the stands at the next in-prison game.


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