Stronghold Conduct

By registering your child(ren), as the parent/guardian, you agree to the following: 

1.The participants will listen to and follow instructions from the coaches (Heralds).

2. Participants will refrain from cursing, using inappropriate speech, or using words which tear others down.

3. Participants will control their temper and practice self-control in word and action.

4. Participants will demonstrate good sportsmanship with the understanding that it is a privilege (not a right) to participate in Stronghold.

5. As the weather gets colder we will move indoors. If moving indoors is not an option staff have the right to cancel practice due to cold or inclement weather.

6. At this time masking is optional for staff, volunteers, and participants.

7. If a participant becomes sick during practice their parent/guardian will be contacted so that they can be taken home.

8.  If a participant is sick, we ask that they do not attend the session.  If you have a season pass and more than three practices are missed due to illness partial refunds will be offered.   

9. Participants will need to bring their own personal water bottle/sports drink each session.

10. It is understood that if Push The Rock/Stronghold deems the class/location/circumstances are unsafe they have the right to cancel sessions. 

Due to the constant change in recommendations of safe practices and churches/schools we partner with our safety rules for Stronghold clubs may change. If they do we will email you to notify you.