Billy Dunn

Board Member since 1997

Billy Dunn
Board Member since 1997

Billy Dunn loves his wife and his two children. When he’s not spending time with them, he serves at the Center Consulting Group as a Senior Consultant.

Billy has been a part of Push The Rock from day one and loves to watch God at work. He has traveled on short-term missions teams to 49 countries.

In college, Billy played soccer and played overseas. Later, he coached high school basketball and won several district gold medals. He loves to watch kids—especially his kids—love sports.

He remembers how his camp counselor shared the Good News of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection. He said that God met him in that very moment.


Cairn University

God is teaching me about…

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you I was in the crowd at…
The Duke vs. Kentucky basketball game when Laettner hits the wing fadeaway shot to beat Kentucky at the Spectrum.
If I could play on a Field of Dreams, I would want to play against…

The best lesson I learned about sportsmanship was…

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