Tim Sweeney

Board Member

Tim Sweeney

When you are not performing your board duties for Push The Rock, how do you spend your time? (provide a short look at your profession and free time activities)

Project manager at work.  Free time, running around with the kids activities, reading, shooting hoops, walking the dog, watching European soccer, and sleeping.

Exact name of your degree, if applicable

Electrical Engineering

Name of educational institution, if applicable

Manhattan College

Top three or four “mountain peaks” from your career prior to your current position, if applicable.

Worked in engineering, operations, telecom, business development, sales and marketing, human resources and back to engineering (All with the same company).

Worked within three startup companies within a large company

Your history with sports, again top three or four mountain peaks.

Scholar athlete and outstanding senior athlete in senior year of High school

How did you become a Christ follower?

Shooting hoops with my next door neighbor.  I shot, he rebounded, we talked and he led me on the path to Christ.

One word answer: God is teaching me about [blank] right now?


In what year did you join the board for Push The Rock?


You wouldn’t believe me if I told you I was in the crowd at [famous sporting event]. (Share your story)

The 1944 World Cup qualifier between Sweden and Russia at the Old Silverdome in Detroit.  They grew grass turf outside and brought it in and sewed it together in patches.  It was so humid inside that a layer of haze was over the top of the building.  It was like a greenhouse.

If I could play on a Field of Dreams (or court or pitch or course), I would want to play against [famous athlete from another era].

Julius Erving and me… Nassau Coliseum…. Aba’s first slam dunk contest…. He would take off from the foul line to dunk and the crowd would think that he won.  But then… I would take off from half court and well, you said it was a dream.

My favorite Push The Rock story of a life God changed is:

Is mine.

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