As Push The Rock Zambia we believe that by using the power contained in sports and recreation, we can change lives…communities…and eternities by building relationships and through them share the love, hope, and message of Jesus Christ.

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Looking for an exciting opportunity to use your God-given passions and abilities to serve somewhere overseas? As an intern...
Each year we rely on short-term team trips from the USA to help carry out our mission in Zambia. These trips consist of sports clinics for children where we teach...
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All donations made will help cover the costs associated with furthering the ministry in Zambia.

News & Events

We are excited by recent conversations about being involved with bringing baseball to Zambia!
Welcome Back AROMA!
After partnering with AROMA last year, it was a joy to welcome them back to Zambia just a couple weeks ago.
Video Released!
We are proud to announce the release of our first comprehensive video highlighting the ministry of Push The Rock Zambia!

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