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Activating Eagles Wings Styling

Eagles Wings Pages are built in the exact same way and place as Push the Rock pages, so what is it that pulls in the Eagles Wings Menu and colors? How do you transform any page into an EW page?

When inside the page editor, on the right, under Page options, you will see that under Categories, Website Eagles Wings is checked. That’s what pulls in the Eagles Wings menu.

To get the Eagles Wings styling, go to Page Attributes, and under Parent Page, make sure Eagles Wings is selected.

Home Page Orange Box Variations

If you ever need to go back/forth between the layout of the orange box, here is an example of both. Copy and paste the whole section.

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Locations Map

To add a member to the map, first find the MapSVG plugin under the Dashboard. Clicking the Database icon will bring up all current locations/members.

If adding a member to an existing location, find an existing member to copy the code from. If, for example, you’re looking to add an Ambassador, copy the code from any other Ambassador, making sure to get the whole section of code, and nothing more.

Highlighted in the image above are the 3 things that need to be replaced for each member.

Once you are done editing the location, scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up screen you were working on and hit “OK” to save your work.

Make sure to also hit the blue Save button in the top right corner of the page to save and publish all the changes you’ve made.

Adding New Location to Map

To add a new location, first duplicate an existing one. The database pop up for that new location will open, in which you can whatever is needed. On the left, you will see a single pin on the map. Any new place you click on the map will reposition the pin.